The right actions to avoid food waste at home

Food waste is a common phenomenon within households in Georgia. Indeed, in the era of overconsumption, people tend to buy a large quantity of products: fruits, vegetables, meats and other foodstuffs. After a while, food becomes moldy or reaches its expiration date. And presto, we’re going to throw them in the trash! Know that this […]

How to Better Recycle Waste Materials

The recovery of waste materials has long been the norm, to the point that there was no waste destined for disposal, residues from domestic and craft activities, so many urban raw materials being in all reintroduced into agricultural and industrial production systems. With the breakdown of this complementarity between city, industry and agriculture around the […]

Indian Spice curcuma or turmeric

Turmeric is called turmeric in English and haldi in Hindi. Turmeric is a botanical term. It comes from curcumin or curcuminoid who are types of polyphenols that produce the color yellow. Turmeric is sometimes called “Indian saffron”. It is a rhizome, which is the same family as ginger. This rhizome is boiled and then peeled, […]