How To Shop For A Web Hosting Service

Are you looking for a web hosting provider? With the number of hosting companies available, choosing a service provider that you can trust can be a dilemma. For bloggers, business owners and other people in need of hosting, finding a host is like looking for the ideal partner. If you are lucky enough, you will be managing a website without any worries.

A reliable and high-performing hosting provider will always offer the best customer service whenever you experience any issues with your site. But if you rush yourself looking for a provider, you might end up feeling trapped or misled. In some cases, customers who have not done their research end up feeling extorted due to many undisclosed top-up fees.

In order to avoid any future headaches follow the following process.

Recognize Your Hosting Needs

You can never get the right web host if you do not know what your needs truly are. Before you give your credit card information, think about the things that you need to prepare for. Ask yourself, what kind of website are you building? Do you need special software? Are you targeting high volume of web traffic? Do you need specific script support? How much disk space should you get? Is a dedicated server the solution for you?

Picture in your head what you want your website to become, and build it based on that idea. If you are relatively new to running websites, the best package to take is the shared hosting solution. It is inexpensive and effortless to maintain. VPS hosting on the other hand is perfect for a fast-growing site. Though there are some pitfalls with shared hosting and VPS, you can prepare yourself by studying about them and preparing for a possible upgrade if needed.

Look for Server Reliability and Uptime Guarantee

For many webmasters, the principal factor to consider is the web host’s reliability. Your provider should be operating on a powerful server that guarantees a 24/7 uptime. You wouldn’t want to host your site at a provider who cannot keep their servers up and running all the time. To determine the company’s hosting reliability, find a provider that boasts about their uptime and maintenance. Stay away from service providers with hosting uptime score lower than 99%.

Research About Web Hosting Prices

Usually, the price reigns supreme when shopping for a new web host. For people who are still starting their own site or blog, it is very easy to get enticed with low-cost services. While it should unquestionably be a factor in selecting a host, it must not be on the top of your list. Never sacrifice performance and support for a cheaper service.

Many, if not all, hosting services can cost more than what you expect as there are certain plugins that you might need to add and pay for down the road. Furthermore selecting a domain name will require you to shell out more cash. But providers offer discounts if you sign up for a year, or even longer like 3 years. So make sure to assess the provider of your choice well in order to enjoy these discounts without compromising quality of service.

Consider Email Hosting

If you are building an e-commerce website or any site that would require you to be in contact with your visitors, you might want to look for features like email hosting as well. There are many companies that offer packages with the ability to host your own business email together with your website. But just in case email features are not provided, you can always look for other email services, like G Suite which is offered by Google.

Site Backup

As any equipment and computers do, servers also crash and fail. It is also plausible that a hacker can get into your WordPress account and change your index.php file or add unwanted files to control your site from afar. Your site will always be vulnerable to threats like these. If your web host does not offer a site backup, then you need to look for another one that offers this needed feature. If not, it will be impossible for your hosting provider to restore your full site once something wrong occurs.

Different websites have different needs. Recognize the features you must have when finally selecting your web host. Remember, it is not about finding the best or cheapest service provider, it is about choosing the right web host for your requirements.

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